Our goal is to involve local taxpayers in the planning process. We work overtime to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. We’ve learned that if you want to garner strong voter support for tax-related referenda, it needs to be the community’s plan.


We put public engagement on steroids through the use of voter analytics, comprehensive public information programs, public opinion research and other highly effective tools and strategies.


Our clients include school districts, community colleges, municipalities, counties and special districts. Our focus is on assisting public entities address their highest priority operating and/or capital improvement funding needs, while at the same time building long-term trust with their community.


Safe and secure schools positioned for the future. Improved roadways. Workforce training. Greater access to trails, parks and recreation facilities. Lives and property saved through improved emergency response times. We know what’s at stake. It’s why we come in early and leave late.


When you work with Beyond Your Base, you have access to some of the industry’s most experienced public policy professionals, writers, graphic designers, videographers, social media experts, voter data specialists and national pollsters. With hundreds of tax-related referenda under our belt, we offer decades of experience, precisely what is needed when it comes to effectively engaging taxpayers.
  • "Over the past 10 years, Paul Hanley has assisted our school district with four successful ballot measures, providing approximately $800 million in funding. His taxpayer-focused strategies have allowed our district to address its highest priority capital improvement and operating needs, benefiting more than 30,000 students."

    Dr. Don Haddad, Ed.D.
    St. Vrain Valley School District, CO
    2013 National Superintendent of the Year
  • "Our bond measure passed with 76% support. Why? Because we asked our community what they wanted to do with their schools. Paul Hanley and his team guided authentic stakeholder engagement that generated our community’s plan. People support what they help to create."

    Dr. Brian K. Wegley
    Northbrook|Glenview School District 30, IL
  • “Respect your taxpayers. That’s the advice that Paul Hanley gave me years ago, and it’s proven to be a game-changer. When you follow Mr. Hanley’s public engagement strategies, it allows for the development of funding proposals that have strong community ownership.”

    Michael J. Leonard, CPRE
    Executive Director
    Channahon Park District
  • "Through a comprehensive public policy program, Paul Hanley was able to define what our local taxpayers would support and presented these results in a clear and understandable manner. Without his guidance, we would have surely asked for too much at the ballot box."

    Dr. Steven R. Wrobleski
    LaSalle-Peru Township High School
    District 120, IL
  • "As school districts consider referendums to modernize and improve their school buildings, it is imperative that the process include skilled and expert advice, which is precisely what Paul Hanley provides. Paul has helped many districts, including ours, run successful campaigns. He is one of the nation’s very best referendum consultants, and districts that want to get it right the first time can count on Paul and his team to give them the best chance of success."

    Dr. Ken Wallace
    Maine Township HIgh School District 207
  • “Paul Hanley assisted our district in building strong public support for a new community recreation center. His approach was focused on involving taxpayers throughout the planning process, which was precisely what was needed to deliver success at the polls.”

    Gary Major
    Executive Director
    West Chicago Park District, IL
  • "Paul Hanley’s approach is about connecting, listening, and understanding the community. His efforts helped us determine what our taxpayers valued and his work was essential in passing a $136.6 million bond issue with strong support. As our construction is underway, I am continually complimented on the process of securing support for the project as a key part of the product. The two are inseparable to our residents."

    Dr. Hank Thiele
    Community High School District 99, IL
  • "New Trier Township High School District 203 retained Paul Hanley to help us develop and implement a comprehensive public outreach program. In the end, our district was successful in obtaining 65 percent support for an $89 million bond issue. I was extremely impressed with Mr. Hanley’s knowledge, expertise, guidance and responsiveness to our needs."

    Dr. Linda Yonke
    Former Superintendent
    New Trier Township High School District 203, IL
  • “I don’t know anyone who knows more about effectively engaging taxpayers than Paul Hanley.”

    Michael McCarty, CPRP
    Executive Director
    Glenview Park District, IL
  • “Paul Hanley and his team worked closely with our district and its constituency to get a bond measure passed for construction of the Estes Valley Community Center. Paul took a bold approach and, rather than telling us what he thought we wanted to hear, told us what we needed to hear – that there were strategies to be considered which could improve not only our chances at the polls, but the overall relationship with our patrons. Paul gave us strong advice coupled with the latitude to maintain ‘owner control’ of our election, and we could not be happier with the outcome.”

    Tom Carosello
    Executive Director
    Estes Valley Recreation and Park District
  • “Beyond Your Base provided Glenview School District 34 with a comprehensive approach to educating the public, assessing its wishes, and involving community stakeholders. Our successful $119M referendum is evidence of a well-informed community that understood the need for and the benefits of the improvements and the positive impact this will have for decades into the future.”

    Dane A. Delli, Ph.D.
    Glenview School District 34
  • “I can't speak highly enough of Paul Hanley and the job he did in leading our district to a successful Education Fund referendum. He adeptly led us through the entire process including the voices of all key stakeholders. We passed our referendum with 76% support and that's greatly due to the leadership of Paul.”

    Elaine Aumiller, Ed. D.
    Mount Prospect School District 57
  • “For over many years, Paul Hanley has helped pass several important ballot initiatives in our Town, most recently in the last election, a public safety tax passed with over 60% support. His experience, attention to detail and communication skills are second to none. I highly recommend Paul for your next project.”

    Tony Carey
    Former Mayor
    Town of Frederick, CO
  • “With Paul Hanley’s guidance, the White Oak Library District passed a $23 million building bond issue in a very fiscally conservative area and during a recession. He is that good.”

    Scott E. Pointon
    White Oak Library District
  • “Ignacio School District is located in Southwest Colorado. Our community is made up of ranchers and other very fiscally conservative groups. Paul Hanley’s firm was hired to communicate with taxpayers about a $50 million bond proposal. Paul and his team diligently and systematically presented the facts, the needs and the financial impact, as well as carefully listening to our taxpayers. His approach delivered success at the polls, dramatically improving our district’s aging school facilities.”

    Rocco Fuschetto, Ed. D.
    Superintendent of Schools
    Ignacio School District
  • “Seeking a tax increase from our community was a large decision for our fire district and one we didn’t take lightly. Paul Hanley was there each step of the way, helping us engage our residents to gain their insight, quickly responding to any needs we had, and providing his experience and knowledge to help us reach a positive election outcome. The professionalism, expertise and guidance from Paul was indispensable.”

    David Ramos
    Fire Chief
    North Metro Fire Rescue District, CO
  • “Paul Hanley’s comprehensive Public Policy Program is just that! He guided our district in building strong public support by involving our constituents throughout the planning process. He provided expert guidance and our community passed our proposal on its first attempt!”

    Alfie Lotrich
    Superintendent of Schools/Elementary Principal
    Fowler School District No. R4j, CO
  • “Paul Hanley assisted our district with a great plan. He identified our likely voters, developed a message that would resonate, and dialed in a dollar amount that had a fighting chance of success. With his strategies of engagement, the district was successful in passing a $218 million bond measure.”

    David Horner, SFO
    Chief Financial Officer
    Pueblo School District 60
  • “In 2019, the Louisville Fire Protection District was successful in passing a mill levy increase because of the expertise, knowledge, and experience that Paul Hanley brought to the table. I believe that without Paul's help, we would not have been as successful as we were. In the end, our tax measure passed with 73% support because of hard work by Hanley and his team."

    John Willson
    Fire Chief
    Louisville Fire Protection District, CO
  • “Paul Hanley was instrumental in helping us convey to our community the need for additional funding to meet our collective expectations of the school district. This resulted in the successful passage of an $131.8 million bond and an $8 million mill levy override in 2016."

    Sandra Mutchler
    Chief Operations Officer
    Eagle County Schools, CO
  • “Over the years, Paul Hanley has supported Muskegon Community College with a successful $24.7 million bond proposal as well as with data analytics. His thoughtful and comprehensive approach was a key component in enhancing the college’s reputation in the community and the construction of much needed infrastructure enhancement."

    Dale K. Nesbary, Ph.D.
    Muskegon Community College
  • “Paul Hanley's expertise was invaluable in passing our bond. Meeker is a highly conservative community and had recently rejected tax increases for school district needs. Paul's counsel on how to gather information from our community, and sincerely engage them in our decision making process, paid great dividends. Our ballot measure passed by nearly a 2-to-1 margin. Meeker School District RE-1 did not possess the capacity or the expertise to ensure such a successful ballot initiative. Because of Paul's guidance, our capital needs are being addressed and our new facilities will be of great benefit to our students, staff, and community."

    Chris Selle
    Meeker School District
  • “Building strong public support for a tax referendum in Northern Michigan is an uphill battle given our aging, fiscally conservative electorate. However, with Paul Hanley and his team’s guidance, Kirtland Community College was able to do just that—twice. In fact, our last referendum passed with 64% support. Paul’s assistance with community engagement, public opinion research, message development, voter analyses and other pre-referendum services focused on respecting and involving our taxpayers in the planning process was invaluable.”

    Dr. Thomas Quinn
    Kirtland Community College
    Our Services
    Our Services


    When it comes to developing and implementing a pre-referendum program, it’s critical that everyone is on the same page—and we can get you there. Our training workshops include a review and discussion of key public policy strategies, timelines and budgets, assignments and important do’s and don’ts.


    When are the next opportunities to be on the ballot and what will the voter demographics look like for those elections? Beyond Your Base can help you answer these and other important voter data questions. This information is critical in deciding when to be on the ballot. It’s also a must-have when conducting public opinion research.


    There are more than 20 key action steps that must be tackled prior to making the decision to place a tax measure on the ballot. Beyond Your Base knows precisely when and how these steps should be implemented. We are also expert in estimating hard and soft costs tied to pre-referendum programs.


    Bringing together “community opinion shapers” to vet your funding proposal is a significant part of Beyond Your Base’s overall strategy. Our team will expertly guide you through task force recruitment, facilitation and other key elements of this crucial part of the pre-referendum process.


    Beyond Your Base specializes in making complex issues easy to understand. We have a thorough understanding of the industries where we are involved, which is essential in crafting persuasive messaging. Through decades of experience managing public engagement efforts, including extensive public opinion research, we know the big questions voters want answered.


    Our team believes that design is as important as your core message. That is precisely why we have recruited seasoned designers to craft award-winning branding, direct mail and other essential collateral.


    Direct mail remains a strong part of Beyond Your Base’s pre-referendum strategy. We develop mail that actually gets read.


    Beyond Your Base employs the most current and relevant social media tools and strategies, helping our clients effectively communicate with all stakeholders. We also have an internal webmaster, videographer and video production partner to provide our clients a strong digital presence.


    There is no need to guess whether your electorate supports your funding proposal. If they don’t, why not? By employing a variety of public opinion research tools, Beyond Your Base can define local taxpayers’ attitudes and opinions regarding your funding proposal.


    We serve as a second set of eyes to ensure that your ballot question captures what we learned during the public engagement process. This input alone can mean the difference between a win or a loss.


    Some consultants walk away after the pre-referendum phase is completed. We do not. If a group of concerned citizens seek our guidance to advocate for your ballot measure, we’re here to help. That includes support with branding, messaging, social media, direct mail and other critical campaign tools and strategies.

    Paul A. Hanley, Managing Director of Beyond Your Base, a consulting group of Wight & Company, has been involved with hundreds of successful tax-related ballot measures over the past 28 years on behalf of municipalities, counties, school districts, community colleges and special districts throughout the nation.

    With a strong commitment to meeting both the needs of his clients and their respective taxpayers, Mr. Hanley has been extremely successful in helping to generate strong voter support for bond ballot measures and other tax-related referenda.

    Mr. Hanley coordinates a team of seasoned writers, graphic designers, voter database specialists and public opinion research professionals who are uniquely experienced in helping public entities implement comprehensive public information programs.

    Among Mr. Hanley’s areas of expertise include:

    • Community Outreach Programs
    • Voter Analytics
    • Public Opinion Research
    • Community Task Force Facilitation
    • Pre-Referendum Training
    • Campaign Management

    Mr. Hanley is a frequent speaker on public policy and election strategy at local, state and national conferences.

    Mr. Hanley holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and master’s degree from the University of Colorado Denver.

    Clients Served
    Clients Served

    Members of the Beyond Your Base team have worked on hundreds of public policy programs and campaigns on behalf of school districts, community colleges, municipalities, counties and special districts.

     Adams County School District 14
    Basalt Library District
    Carbon County School District
    Carbon County
     Casper College
    Central Colorado Water Consv District
    Central Wyoming College
    City of Firestone
    City of Fruita
    City of Louisville
    City of Loveland
    City of Palos Heights
    City of Sheridan
    Colorado River Fire Rescue
    Community High School District 99
    Converse County
    DeBeque School District
    Downers Grove School District 58
    Durango Fire Protection District
    Eagle County School District
    Eaton Area Parks and Recreation District
    Englewood Park & Recreation
    Estes Valley Recreation & Park District
    Falcon Fire Protection District
    Fowler School District
     Frankfort Park District
    Fraser Valley Metro Recreation District
    Garfield County School District 16
    Garfield School District RE2
    Glenview Park District
    Grand River Health
    Gunnison School District
     Haxtun School District
    Hinsdale School District Re-1
    Hinsdale School District 86
    Holyoke School District
     Huntley Area Public Library District
    Ignacio School District
    Joliet Park District
    Kirtland Community College
    Lake Michigan College
    LaPlata Archuleta Water Consv District
    Larimer County
    Larkspur Fire Protection District
    LaSalle-Peru Township HSD 120
    Lemont Library District
    Louisville Fire Protection District
    Lyons Fire Protection District
    Maine Township High School District 207
    Mapleton School District
    Meeker School District
    Montcalm Community College
    Montrose Recreation District
    Mount Prospect School District 57
    Muskegon Community College
    New Trier Township High School District
    North Metro Fire Protection District
    Northbrook-Glenview School District 30
    Park County
    Platte Valley School District
    Platteville-Gilcrest Fire Protection District
    Pueblo Library District
    Pueblo School District No. 60
    Salida School District
    Security Water District
    Socorro County
    St. Vrain Valley School District
    Summit School District
    Sweetwater County School District #1
    Sweetwater County
    Telluride School District
    Thompson School District
    Town of Bennett
    Town of Frederick
    Town of Windsor
    Trilakes Monument Fire Protection District
    Village of Franklin Park
    Village of Villa Park
    Weld County School District Re-1
    Weld County School District Re-3J
    Weld County School District Re-4
    Weld County School District Re-8
    West Chicago Park & Recreation District
    West Grand School District
    White Oak Library District
    Windsor-Severance Fire Protection District

    Paul A. Hanley
    Managing Director

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