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When it comes to developing and implementing a pre-referendum program, it’s critical that everyone is on the same page—and we can get you there. Our training workshops include a review and discussion of key public policy strategies, timelines and budgets, assignments and important do’s and don’ts.


When are the next opportunities to be on the ballot and what will the voter demographics look like for those elections? Beyond Your Base can help you answer these and other important voter data questions. This information is critical in deciding when to be on the ballot. It’s also a must-have when conducting public opinion research.


There are more than 20 key action steps that must be tackled prior to making the decision to place a tax measure on the ballot. Beyond Your Base knows precisely when and how these steps should be implemented. We are also expert in estimating hard and soft costs tied to pre-referendum programs.


Bringing together “community opinion shapers” to vet your funding proposal is a significant part of Beyond Your Base’s overall strategy. Our team will expertly guide you through task force recruitment, facilitation and other key elements of this crucial part of the pre-referendum process.


Beyond Your Base specializes in making complex issues easy to understand. We have a thorough understanding of the industries where we are involved, which is essential in crafting persuasive messaging. Through decades of experience managing public engagement efforts, including extensive public opinion research, we know the big questions voters want answered.


Our team believes that design is as important as your core message. That is precisely why we have recruited seasoned designers to craft award-winning branding, direct mail and other essential collateral.


Direct mail remains a strong part of Beyond Your Base’s pre-referendum strategy. We develop mail that actually gets read.


Beyond Your Base employs the most current and relevant social media tools and strategies, helping our clients effectively communicate with all stakeholders. We also have an internal webmaster, videographer and video production partner to provide our clients a strong digital presence.


There is no need to guess whether your electorate supports your funding proposal. If they don’t, why not? By employing a variety of public opinion research tools, Beyond Your Base can define local taxpayers’ attitudes and opinions regarding your funding proposal.


We serve as a second set of eyes to ensure that your ballot question captures what we learned during the public engagement process. This input alone can mean the difference between a win or a loss.


Some consultants walk away after the pre-referendum phase is completed. We do not. If a group of concerned citizens seek our guidance to advocate for your ballot measure, we’re here to help. That includes support with branding, messaging, social media, direct mail and other critical campaign tools and strategies.

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