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Six of Beyond Your Base’s clients are celebrating successful November 2022 ballot measures, more than $574 million of voter-approved funding that will go toward improvements to schools and recreation facilities. The referenda passed with an average support level of 62%. Following is a summary of the six successful referenda:

Downers Grove Grade School District 58, IL $179 Million – Passed with 67.5%

North Shore School District 112, IL $114.4 Million – Passed with 72%

Gunnison Watershed School District, CO $95 Million – Passed with 50.95%

Palatine Community Consolidated School District 15, IL $93 Million – Passed with 62.9%

The Winnetka Public Schools District 36, IL $59.4 Million – Passed with 64.6%

Park Ridge Park District, IL $35.2 Million – Passed with 55.9% “Given the urgency of the capital facility needs that will be addressed, we are excited for our clients and their constituents,” said Beyond Your Base’s Managing Director Paul Hanley. “For many of these clients, facilities planning efforts started years ago. However, the pandemic caused them to put those plans on pause.” The five successful school bond measures will benefit more than 45 schools in Illinois and Colorado, positively impacting more than 24,000 students. Many of the projects are focused on improving the health, safety, and security of existing facilities, reducing costly and disruptive emergency repairs, addressing ADA code issues, solving overcrowding, and improving energy efficiency. Beyond Your Base (BYB) provides public affairs and public opinion research services to municipalities, counties, school districts, community colleges, and special districts in the Midwest and Intermountain West.

During The Past Three Years Alone, Beyond Your Base Has Been Involved With 17 Successful Referenda Totaling More Than $950 Million.


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